Content Analysis Update: Closing Thoughts

This post is a summary of my experience working in a group on a Content Analysis Project.  To view the final draft of the Content Analysis paper, click here.

Whew!  What a ride.  After reading through six Language Acquisition essays, formulating a thesis, pounding out a rough draft and spending hours editing our paper, our goal has been accomplished.  Adrienne, Morgan, Michael and I submitted our complete Content Analysis Paper on time (with two whole minutes to spare.)  I’ve never been a fan of group projects, but it surprises me to say that this is one I’ll remember fondly.  Our four different personalities clicked pretty well, and after being assigned our groups, we each naturally fell into different positions.  Adrienne took a leadership role at the beginning, helping divide the topic up into subcategories and assigning a subcategory to each of us to write about.  Morgan demonstrated flexibility and a good work ethic, contributing to our paper’s thesis and volunteering to write sections of the paper that no one else wanted to write.  Michael went above and beyond, writing twice as much as he was required for the rough draft, which made the following stages of writing much easier for the rest of us.  I put in a lot of work toward the end, utilizing peer critique to edit our rough draft until transitions were seamless and there was continuity and a strong, cohesive voice.

Working on this group project was a great experience, and I’m very satisfied with our final draft.  We each put in our fair share of work, which made the project relatively low-stress.  I encourage you to check out my classmates’ blogs by clicking the links below and seeing what they’re up to.

Adrienne Krater:

Morgan Phillips:

Michael Pickett:


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