Final thoughts on Expository Essay

I pulled an all-nighter to finish this assignment; the first all-nighter I have ever pulled.  I have learned that all-nighters do not facilitate the completion of large amounts of homework: rather, they facilitate the ingestion of large amounts of coffee.  Despite the relative unproductiveness of this all-nighter, I did manage to complete the paper in time.  I also learned that I do not want to pull an all-nighter again!

I was surprised by several things during my research for this expository essay.  First, although I knew from experience that incorporation of drama into education had positive effects on students’ educational and social literacy, I was surprised by the extent of those effects.  Several sources reported that students who were given access to drama in schools were happier and gradually became more literate, educationally and socially.  I was also surprised that full-scale initiatives had taken place in Sydney, San Diego, and other places to incorporate drama in education.

My findings during research for this expository essay will help me a lot for my next essay, an Argumentative essay in which I will argue for use of drama in schools.


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